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Experiencing the NFB Louisiana Convention

April 2nd, 2014; March 14 to 16, Crowne Plaza, Baton Rouge Louisiana. That was the time and place of the Louisiana NFB Affiliate Convention. I attended as a representative and salesperson for E.A.S.Y. LLC, the Vermont start-up making waves in the world of tactile graphics. This must be the sixth State Convention I’ve attended, and […]

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Drawing Outside the Lines, or A Blind Child Will Lead the Way

March20, 2014   Here’s a story that proves that experience can be humiliating, instructive and inspiring at the same time. Quick background: our young company, E.A.S.Y. LLC, has been around long enough that we’ve got a really solid base of experience with our intended customers. After all, no product design engineer worth her or his […]

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When you gotta draw, you gotta draw

Mike Rosen March 15, 2014 Once a year, my grown daughter and I, minus her kids, take a long weekend off in New York City. We take in a show, walk miles, eat more than we should, and find delight in the endless surprises the Big Apple always supplies. We did this again last weekend, […]

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“I’m convinced that the inTACT™ line of graphics products is just the beginning of tactile graphics…”

-Dr. Al Maneki

Senior STEM advisor, Jernigan Institute

National Federation of the Blind

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